“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

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As I follow a project management course conducted by Google, I came across a research they conducted on how high-performing teams function at that level. I found it highly relatable to my experience I have so far as a leader and as a follower in different teams. Google has identified these 5 key elements of a well-functioning team after interviewing 200+ high-performing team members, looking for more than 250 different attributes.

I realize that the five traits in the discussion are not alien to any one of us…

If you suddenly feel like the entire world is against you after university, read this.

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Meet Betty. A hypothetical graduate who just got out of the university with flying colors. Betty’s entire academic career had been a very successful one. From her school time, she was focused on getting into an Ivy league, which she easily got in. She maintained a spotless academic record before leaving the university with flying colors. It has been some time since she left university, and now, she struggles to hang in. Though she was looking forward to her professional career before, now she wishes she were a student.

Sounds familiar? With some minor changes here and there, this story…

If you live a life that demands mental energy, you need to learn how to utilize it.

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Have you ever looked at a pet dog and wondered, why are they just sleeping away most of their time? If you visit a zoo or even a national park where animals roam freely, most animals, especially predators, will be sleeping or just lying around chillin. Some might wonder (I certainly do) why they chose to do that over enjoying the freedom or just simply run around for fun.

The reason is quite straightforward. The wilderness is a game of survival. For a predator to survive, they need to hunt. It is not very easy to catch a deer that…

It's not about being perfect all the time.

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Imagine you are a tightrope walker. You are at a show performing your stunts. There is no net beneath you to protect you if you fall. It may seem very dangerous for someone who is looking at it from the outside. Yet for you, walking across a rope is nothing but another walk in the park. You easily walk across the rope every day. However, with time, your audience finds your trick a bit mundane. All you do is walk across a rope. Your audience demands more from you. Yet you can not deviate from your comfort zone and take…

Another Walk in A Different Park

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2019 was pretty special for me. It gave my life some clarity and a little sense of direction. More than that, it gave me so much energy to move on to the new decade. For the longest time, like many other Sri Lankans, I was obsessed with a superstition. I believed that it is a bad omen to share what I did or the plans I have for the future. I used to think that sharing your stories, both good and, bad is some form of boasting. Yet with time, I realized that if you share it with the right…

The chain reaction starts within you.

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Being able to persevere the hardships is arguably the most important aspect of success. It is what will matter the most in the long battles you face in life. All the talent and experience you gained over the years will not matter if you don’t have the talent to persevere through the hardships and see it through till the end. According to Stanford University, perseverance is one of the building blocks of a child’s early success. I won’t be spending too much time on the obvious. …

Not another liberal article aimed at the President.

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What an election we had. We got a new president-elect, and the former president does not look like he is willing to let go of his seat in the Whitehouse. As of this moment where I write this, Trump’s office has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia against the election results. He kept on tweeting about corruption in the system.

Even before a month before the elections, the polls gave signs that Trump might lose his seat. Around the same time, the president started to talk about possible corruption. Especially with a recorded number of emergency ballots coming in…

The fear is real as much as you respond to it.

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Humans took tens of thousands of years to gradually evolve to become who we are today. Though we are not the oldest creatures on the planet, the long years we spent have made us very efficient animals. Over the years, we have developed various defense and offense mechanisms both physically and mentally to help us survive and procreate.

From nature’s perspective, their main objective is to make sure that a specific species evolves to stay protected and make offspring to propagate the population. All the evolutionary mechanisms are built…

A side we never see, a story we rarely read.

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Okay, this could be the most unpopular story I ever write. I’m sure most of you will not agree with me, and some of you will even hate the idea. But I decided to write it anyway because this is a topic that people seldom talk about. Certainly, it is not an idea that is entertained in the current context. Nevertheless, some people would get benefited out of it.

This has to do something with the most uttered phrase of any life coach, “be ambitious”. Most of us are in-fact very ambitious. We may have our personal bests yet, we…

Not a story about a bunch of gritty, hyper-specialized senseless people.

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In the record-breaking book of 2008 by Malcolm Gladwell, The Outliers, he speaks about how some people get to become extremely successful in their respective careers. While he emphasizes the fact luck plays a significant role in it, he also mentions another key element that defines success, which is even more powerful. That is specializing and head-on commitment to that specified niche. It might not sound very familiar when I put it that way. The 10,000-hour rule is how everybody knows what I’m talking about.

In his book, Gladwell brings out a theory saying that anyone needs to spend a…

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